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what does coaching cost?

If you search for life coaches online, you will find quite a range of cost. Many coaches won't disclose their pricing until you've had at least one consultation to allow them to sell you on their services. As a coaching client myself years ago, it was nerve-wracking to go blindly into a conversation with a coach without being able to prepare myself for the potential expense. As a divorcing mother of two, I felt ashamed to admit in a consultation that I couldn't afford it, and didn't want to feel pressured into something I wasn't comfortable with.


Often, coaches like to sell their services in the form of packages to try to get the most money from you up front and establish a "commitment". When I established this practice after enduring my own struggles, I did it to help women just like me. As part of that commitment, I vowed to never be secretive about my pricing. 


My session fee is $85/hour, and longer sessions are available upon request. There are no discounts or "hidden costs". To help you decide if my services are the right fit for you, all clients must schedule an initial consultation. In the consultation, we discuss and design a plan to meet your needs, and determine if my services meet your needs. This ensures that you know and understand how our coaching sessions work, how it might benefit your situation, and that your questions are answered. 


I know you're a woman on the go, so I've set up an easy and convenient way to  schedule.  Simply click on the link below to schedule a time on my calendar. You can also email me at


Mother and Daughter

Things to keep in mind

Coaching is an investment, both financially and mentally.

The client/coaching relationship is most fruitful when we are

both fully committed to your desired outcomes.  

Here are some things to bear in mind when deciding

whether or not coaching is right for you.

  • The average cost of an attorney is $300/billable hour. Attorneys charge not only for the time they put into your case, but for all phone calls/emails/texts and conversations. Attorneys are often an integral part of the divorce process, and are highly skilled in the legal aspects of family law. However, they are not coaches or therapists. Using them as such can be an expensive and disappointing choice.

  • Employing the use of a Coach gives you a cost-effective thinking partner and advocate. Together we process your emotions, explore your options and clear the path for you to make sound decisions that are true to your values and desires. This can save you time, stress, and, depending on your situation,  a whole lot of money.

  • You are worth the investment in your future happiness and, if you are a mother, the wellness of your children.

  • Throughout the coaching process, you will be provided with numerous resources, referrals and materials to help you to create a support team, gather information, and identify and understand your emotions, enabling you to make educated, rational decisions that are right for you.

  • I am available to support you by text/email/phone in between sessions as needed for your questions, needs and concerns.

  • Your privacy is highly protected and valued. All invoices and emails come with my name attached, and no mention of the word "divorce". If you are participating in group events online, you are welcome to turn your camera and/or your name off if it makes you more comfortable.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns. I am here to help and partner with you through this transitional, transformative time.

Additional Offerings

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