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Click on the titles below to view some of my videos related to divorce. Feel free to like or comment on the videos. Subscribe to get the latest content. 

The Divorce Coach Explained     

In this video, I explain what a Divorce Coach does, how they can help you in your divorce process, and how to choose the right one for you.

Mindset Mistake #1: Take it or Leave It      

This video is the first in a series of videos where we address the common mistakes people often make in their divorce process. The "Take it or Leave It" approach can oftentimes lead to regret, increased legal expense, and emotional stress on the family. In this video I talk about ways to address this mindset flaw and move forward into productive, collaborative conversation with your spouse.


Mindset Mistake #2: Too Busy to Take Time for Myself

All of us struggle to take time during our busy lives to reconnect with ourselves. For many of us, this might sound like a luxury, when in fact, it's a necessity. Especially for those of us experiencing the stress and heartbreak of divorce, developing strong self care habits can improve our coping and sharpen our decision -making, helping us to better deal with conflict and regulate our actions and reactions during our divorce.


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