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Bringing in the New Year

Happy New Year to you all!

As we bring in 2023, and we think about New Year's resolutions and goals and ways to "improve" ourselves this upcoming year, it can be stressful and overwhelming.

We buy up gym memberships and fill our refrigerators with super foods and purchase "self-care" items. We plan trips and activities for ourselves and our families. And, just like that, we start our new year succumbing to the hustle and bustle that makes us feel like we are DOING, not that we are BEING.

This year, I am encouraging myself to resist. To resist the hustle and the multitasking and the breakneck speed that I feel pressured to perform under. I'm going to take naps, and remember to breathe, and remind myself that my value isn't dependent upon how much I produce. My value is inherent. I don't have to hustle for my worth.

So this year, I refuse to be off to the races with resolutions and determination to crush my goals. This year I'm going to put myself in the place of receiving, accepting and focusing on all of the joys and blessings that are right in front of me, instead of chasing after yet another false promise of wholeness and wellness. I'm going to start here, right here, with me. Just being.

I invite you all to bring in the new year ready to receive the blessings it has to offer you, and that you remember to be kind and loving toward yourself. You are whole, just the way you are.

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